What We Do....

Hoss Geosciences provides clients with unrivaled on-site and remote geosteering and mudlogging services. Focusing on client needs, our company provides customizable reports and communication chains, as well as an understanding of geological processes that few other companies can contest.

How Hoss Geosciences is different:

  • To be the best in the industry, we hire the best in the industry. Most of our team members are degreed geologists or engineers with office and/or field experience geosteering and mudlogging.
  • Geosteerers able to quickly identify formation changes in correlations (e.g. faulting, thinning, thickening, etc.).
  • The geosteering team also understands when to rotate or slide to adjust inclination in the lateral, frequently communicating with directional drillers, MWDs, Company Men, and geologists.
  • Geosteerers target specific gamma traces within the formation to drill the most favorable rock and help provide the greatest return for the well.