Our Approach

Hoss Geosciences looks to provide clients with unparalleled well-site services that produce the best wells and production. Trust and communication, by listening to our employees and clients, are what drive Hoss Geosciences to continually improve and adjust to industry needs.

Our Story

Establishing our name and industry focus from a family-owned business, Hoss Geosciences split off to focus on well-site geological needs. The owners recognized the need for a unique way to geosteer wells in order to increase the success of wells. Realizing communication with on-site and in-office personnel, and understanding terminology, were necessary skills for success, the founders looked to hire individuals with advanced skills and experience in these areas. Today, Hoss Geosciences continues to grow and outperform competitors by understanding the geology that drives a well and the people that make successful production possible.


Bryan Neeley & Jarad Logsdon


Geosteering Team

Boyd Gray

Brett Skoropowski

Chance Reece

Chris Trotter

Craig Cunningham

Daniel Connolly

Eric Whiting

Ethan Schuth

Luke Hunsaker

Matt Hoss

Monte Rivers

Nate Hendren

Nick Rinck

Jaime Rodriguez

Jennifer Olson

Josh Doubek

Ryan Rogers

Ryan Voegerl

Tyler Selves